Daily cleaning disposable lazy wipes

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SMS non-woven fabric is a composite non-woven fabric, which is a composite product of spunbond and meltblown. Lazy wet wipes and industrial wet wipes made of this material have the characteristics of high strength, no adhesive, non-toxic, breathable, and wear-resistant.

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SMS non-woven fabric


Industrial wipes, lazy wipes


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We accept any customization of packaging and wiping cloth size, please contact us for details


Composite material, clear texture, easy to absorb water, easy to wipe
The dust-free cloth is more durable than the industrial self-made rag cloth, and the cleaning effect is good
Excellent tensile strength under both dry and wet conditions, not easy to fluff and chip

Product use

Car maintenance and cleaning
Wipe for laboratory use
Workshop assembly line machine maintenance
Kitchen hygiene,Surface cleaning of everyday objects

Wet and dry

Dry use: It can wipe water stains, oil stains, etc., does not produce fiber debris, is strong, strong and durable, wipes the surface of the object without damaging its essence
Wet use: honeycomb design, good lateral tension, soft and not easy to break

Fast cleaning

Oil stains can be easily washed off with water

Why choose us

Our goal: Use first-class talents, create first-class quality, and provide first-class service
Our tenet: Survive by quality, reputation by service, and profit by market
Our philosophy: Development, innovation, and development based on the market; high-quality, efficient, and dedicated service to customers
Our three principles: Do not accept defective products, do not produce defective products, and do not release defective products


1. How do you control the quality
Advanced machines and testing equipment to ensure the production of high-quality wipes
2. What is the transportation method of your industrial wipes for export?
We will choose the best shipping method according to your detailed requirements. By sea, air, etc.
3. What type of payment terms do you accept
Wire transfer, letter of credit, etc.
4. Can we combine many different cleanings in one order?
Of course, you can combine wipes of different materials and packaging, but the quantity of each item ordered needs to reach our minimum order quantity

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