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Hongda plant fiber facial cleansing towel cares for your skin, wet and dry, breathable, gentle absorbing water, no flocculation, no additives, no sensitization, skin-friendly and more water-absorbing. The surface of the face towel is designed with pearl texture, which can better clear the dirt and leave no residue.

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Product name High-quality thick cotton soft towel
Material Plant fiber
Features Natural antibacterial, original ecology
Specifications Thicken, widen
Place of Origin Jiangyin, Jiangsu


1. Wet and dry use: dry use, soft and skin-friendly, without flocculation; wet use, full water absorption, deep cleansing

2. A dry towel can be used multiple times for cleansing, baby care, business trips, traveling, and wiping the table, all in one

3. Compared with other brands of cotton soft towels on the market, the cotton soft towels produced by Hongda Natural Cotton Products Co., Ltd. are thicker, softer and more skin-friendly.

4. A variety of patterns to meet the needs of different occasions and different groups of people


1. Compared with other face towels on the market, our face towels have stronger and faster water absorption capacity

2. Our cotton soft towels are widened and thickened, which are not easy to be damaged after absorbing water, do not fall off, feel comfortable, and are more durable

3. After burning, no black smoke, no peculiar smell, plant fiber, degradable

The wide range of uses of cotton soft towels

※ For business trips
I dare not use hotel towels. Bring your own towels to take up space. Face towels are definitely a good choice
※Use in the kitchen
Wipe the fruit with a cotton soft towel to absorb water and oil, and a disposable steamer cloth instead of a rag to reduce bacterial residues
※ Use for rubbing feet
Dry your feet after washing your feet. Long-term use of foot washing towels are easy to breed bacteria. Use cotton soft towels and use one after soaking your feet. It is disposable and easy to clean.
※ Baby use
The baby's skin is very delicate, and the skin is wrinkled, it is easy to hide dirt, you can use a cotton soft towel to clean it up. The soft cotton towel is soft, absorbent, and will not harm your baby’s skin

Why choose us

1. There are a variety of dry towel packaging for you to choose from, and you can also customize the packaging of cotton soft towels, such as printing your favorite pictures on the packaging, and adding your company's logo to expand your company's reputation
2. All one-time thickened face wash towels are produced in a dust-free workshop, clean and hygienic, with guaranteed quality
3. In recent years, we have continued to explore, develop and grow, and have core technologies to ensure that we provide you with wet and dry cleansing towels that will satisfy you.
4. We follow the core principles of quality prior to profit, brand prior to speed, and social value prior to corporate value

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