Disposable industrial household wipes

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Industrial wipes made of 100% viscose have the advantages of excellent drape, strong moisture absorption, no balling, easy cleaning, soft hand feeling, smooth and breathable, antistatic and other advantages. High wet strength viscose fiber can reach 3.2-7.4cN/dtex; high moisture absorption viscose fiber has a water absorption rate of 100%-300%. Viscose fiber is a renewable chemical fiber. Compared with natural fiber, viscose fiber has good consistency in length and linear density, and can be controlled according to process requirements; viscose fiber is clean and contains almost no impurities. It is made of this material Clean cloth, healthy and safe.

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1. It has super absorption for water and oil, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature,
2. Not easy to wear, easy to store, low fiber dust, no lint left after wiping, strong and durable, high availability
3. Excellent surface treatment performance, soft texture, no scratches, and not easy to damage the surface
4. Powerful decontamination, oil absorption does not lock the oil

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Multi-purpose, breakpoint design, easy to tear off

Uses of industrial wipes

Wipe oil stains for machinery and equipment and assembly maintenance, oil stains for car maintenance plants, car painting, wiping before finished coating, screen ink wiping, printing rollers and equipment, furniture, kitchen counters, bathrooms, car interiors or Wiping and industrial wipes for car window glass mirrors, etc., are also widely used for cleaning and maintenance of jigs, clean rooms, electronics, semiconductor industries, precision instruments, machinery and chemical production and equipment.

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