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Bamboo fiber is obtained from bamboo using new technology. It is a kind of eco-environmental and energy-saving fiber. It used to be mainly used for high-end fabrics. Now it has gradually developed functions such as dish towels and face towels. The material and production of bamboo fiber is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It has the advantages of moisture absorption and breathability, warm in winter and cool in summer, antibacterial and antibacterial, etc. The face towel made of bamboo fiber is shiny and feels better than cotton textiles. It is softer and more delicate, with the fragrance of bamboo.

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Product name Hypoallergenic bamboo fiber face towel
Product specifications 200*200mm
Product composition bamboo fibe
Color light yellow
Place of Origin Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province

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1. Compared with the disposable face towels of other brands on the market, our dry towels are made of natural and high-quality bamboo, which are thicker, softer and denser, and do not add any harmful chemicals such as fluorescent agents and bleaching agents.

2. Bamboo fiber has high-quality properties such as moisture absorption and breathability, warm in winter and cool in summer, antibacterial and antibacterial, and is more suitable for mother and baby use, safe and secure

3. Wet and dry dual purpose, plain weave design, more skin-friendly

The dust-proof cover design can effectively block the dust and ensure the dryness and hygiene of the face towel.


Cotton soft towels can not only be used to wipe face and remove makeup, but also can be used to wipe fruits and wrap food. The cotton soft towels that have been washed can also be used to wipe the table, wipe the surface of some items such as computers.

Many mothers dare not use it for their babies because they are afraid of harming their delicate skin. However, our cotton soft towels are made of natural high-quality bamboo, which not only does not cause harm to the baby’s skin, but also inhibits bacteria, relieves itching, and removes pruritus. The role of peculiar smell, purifying pores.

Our cotton soft towels do not contain harmful chemicals such as fluorescent agents and bleaching powder. Then there is no black smoke, no peculiar smell, no black solid, made of natural bamboo fiber, degradable

What is bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural cellulose fiber extracted from natural growing bamboo. It is a kind of natural and environmentally friendly green fiber in the true sense.

Benefits of using bamboo fiber face towel

1.The bamboo fiber face towel is more environmentally friendly. Bamboo fiber is taken from natural bamboo. Compared with trees, bamboo has a faster growth cycle. Bamboo forests must be replaced with new and old bamboos every year. Bamboo fiber products make full use of this resource. At the same time, bamboo fiber also has the characteristics of low pollution, low energy consumption, and natural degradation. It is a typical green and environmentally friendly material. Naturally, there is no need to worry about the issue of "disposable face towels are not environmentally friendly".

2.The bamboo fiber face towel has no chemical residues and is safer. Bamboo fiber uses natural plant fiber as raw material. During the production process, there is no bleaching or adding process. The face towel maintains the natural color of bamboo pulp (light yellow), and naturally there is no chemical residue that stimulates the skin.

3.Comfortable and easy to use. Bamboo fiber is a real "ecological fiber", soft and smooth without sticking to the skin, and has a unique velvet feeling. Because the bamboo fiber face towel has been degreased, deproteinized, and de-sweetened during production, it will not harden and become hard no matter how long it is opened or used, and it will always remain soft and smooth.

4. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial effect. Bamboo contains a unique ingredient-bamboo quinone, which has natural anti-mite, anti-odor and anti-insect functions, and its antibacterial effect is as high as 95%. This antibacterial effect is well transferred to the bamboo fiber facial towel. In bamboo fiber products, bacteria not only cannot survive for a long time, but also die drastically, with a mortality rate of more than 73% within 24 hours. This explains why the use of bamboo fiber face towels reduces skin problems such as mite face and so on.

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