Dry and wet removable lazy wipes

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The use of high-quality thick non-woven fabric, natural plant fiber, soft and comfortable; does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, alcohol, flavor; dry and wet, not easy to break, not easy to fall off; there is a cut dotted line on the packaging bag, you can choose from Tear off a soft cotton towel from one side. After removing one, the other will come out. It is simple and convenient to use.

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Product name Wet and dry removable lazy wipes
Main material Wood pulp PP
Shelf life Three years
Scope of application Suitable for one-time cleaning and scrubbing of daily items
Specification 20*20CM/50 pumping


1.Ordinary paper towels are prone to breakage and lint after being wet in water; towels will breed bacteria and mites and cause damage to the skin when they are used for a long time; lazy rags can be used for both dry and wet purposes without falling lint, and they can still be used immediately after use. , Will not cause bacterial residue
2. Made of plant fiber, delicate and soft, plain weave design, more compliant, decontamination 100%
3. It has good water and oil absorption, and it can absorb water and oil quickly
4. Not easy to break, pull at will, will not fall
Decontamination faster and more convenient


1. Suitable for use in different places such as kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, outdoor, etc., only for one-time cleaning and scrubbing of daily items
2. Although this product can be used multiple times, it is recommended to replace it on the same day to avoid bacterial growth


This product cannot be dissolved in water, please do not put it in the toilet
Please carefully tear open the cotton soft towel along the dashed unsealing line
Please store face towels in a cool and dry place
If you have allergies or discomfort, please stop using it immediately
Keep away from fire, store in a cool place

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