No added high-quality cleansing and beauty cotton soft towel

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It uses plant fiber as raw material and has passed ISO9001 quality certification. It has good water absorption and air permeability. It can be used for both dry and wet. After personal care, it can be cleaned properly and used for sanitary cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen; use one sheet each time you wash your face. Avoid traditional towels that tend to breed bacteria, mites, and odors

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Product name Wet and dry cotton soft towel
Product composition Spunlace non-woven fabric
Size 20cm*19cm
Shelf life Five years

We accept customization, please contact us for details


The whole process of dust-free workshop production, comprehensive monitoring, peace of mind Soft and comfortable, strong stretchability, strong breathability

Wet and dry, one side with pearl texture, one side with plain weave, pearl weave is used wet, wipe after soaking in water, can deeply clean stains; plain weave dry, soft and comfortable

Strong water absorption, soft touch, no chemical addition, mild and non-irritating

Increase and thicken, it is not easy to be deformed by pulling, the face towel can be used as a towel, it is not easy to fall off, it is clean and hygienic


1.Must choices for travel: towels large and occupy the place, long use is also easy to breed bacteria, mites, harm to the skin, easy to acne, cotton soft towel is small volume, light weight, that is, use is still, not easy to cause bacterial residue

2.Remove makeup, cleaning: the volume of makeup cotton is small and easy to tuo with water, cotton soft towel can be cut into the appropriate size, water absorption ability is strong, it is not easy to crumb

3.Cleaning of daily supplies: you can wipe the table, computer, mobile phone screen, toilet and kitchen cleaning

4.Baby care: the baby's delicate skin, cotton towel is soft and comfortable, more suitable for babies than paper towels and towels

Why choose cotton soft towel

Towels are easy to breed bacteria, and mites can cause skin allergies
The cotton pad is small in size, easy to fall off and lumps
The paper towel is rough and dry, and it will rot when exposed to water, and the user experience is poor
Wet wipes contain alcohol, fragrance and other ingredients that irritate the skin

Professional custom service process for face towels

Personalized customization is simple, our one-stop customization process
Selection: determine the size, quantity and price of dry towels
Place an order: After confirming that it is correct, place an order and pay
Design: designed by professionals, can also be customized
Finalized: After confirming the layout, start to make a model of the face towel
Production: Make a good sample, check with the customer and start mass production of cotton soft towels
Delivery: Arrange delivery and wait for the transaction to be completed


The product is insoluble in water, please do not throw it into the toilet; keep away from fire; store in a cool and dry place

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