Health and safety barreled cotton soft towel roll type

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We can customize many kinds of packaging cotton soft towels, like this barrel-shaped packaging, made of durable environmentally friendly plastic, can be recycled, when your cotton soft towels are used up, you only need to buy the same model Just put the cotton soft towel inside.

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Product name cotton soft towel roll type
Product specifications can be customized
Product composition 100% plant fiber
Texture ultra-fine grid pattern
Shelf life 36 months


1. The packaging of the cotton soft towel is made of environmentally friendly plastic and can be recycled

2. It has a dustproof effect. After taking out the cotton soft towel, cover it to protect the unused inside

3. Various styles of packaging can be designed, including the top cover can also be designed into various forms

4. Ultra-fine grid pattern, stronger cleaning power, more skin-friendly, there are also pearl pattern, net pattern and other styles for you to choose

5. Plant fiber does not fall off and is more resistant to tearing


Cotton soft towels are suitable for many occasions: face washing and makeup removal, tableware wiping, household cleaning, etc., natural plant wet spinning, reusable


1. Unscrew the lid and open the inner packaging
2. Find the head from the cotton soft towel roll and pass it through the small hole on the lid
3. Tighten the lid, and then open the small lid above, you can take out the dry towel
4. After use, cover tightly again to ensure that the dry towel is hygienic and dry


1. Disposable face towels are for external use only
2. Cotton soft towels cannot be used on or in contact with eyes
3. Keep away from fire


1. Can you customize products?
Yes, we accept customization. We accept cotton soft towels of any size and size. You can also print your favorite patterns on the packaging, and even put your company’s logo on the packaging to expand the company’s reputation
2. How do you retain old customers and develop new customers?
We treat our partners as friends, follow the principle of quality first over profit, and guarantee to provide customers with high-quality disposable face towels. You can rest assured to cooperate with us
3. How about your delivery speed and quality?
The delivery is accurate and timely. The punctual delivery rate of cotton soft towels is 100%, and the qualified interest rate of delivery to customers is 100% under the premise of meeting the requirements of regulations.
The company has multiple automatic and semi-automatic dry towel production lines, with a daily production capacity of 60,000 packs of dry towel equipment

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