Let’s take a look at disposable face towels

How to wash your face with a disposable face towel

After the whole face is fully washed with the rich foaming cleanser, take a cleansing towel and damp it, gently make a circular motion on the face until the foam on the face is cleaned, and then squeeze the cleansing towel to dry, press The remaining moisture on the face.

The difference between disposable face towels and towels

Disposable face towels should be thrown away after they can be used. This is also the main point to distinguish between disposable face towels and towels. The reason why disposable face towels is better is that its use cycle is relatively short. Compared with towels that are used for a longer time, disposable face towels contain less bacteria.To a certain extent, it can take good care of our facial skin.

Don't worry about the used face towel

1. The cotton soft towel can quickly absorb oil stains, so you can use the cotton soft towel after wiping your face to wipe the dining table after eating.

2. The used cotton soft towels can be cleaned and dried. They can also be recycled. They are great for cleaning furniture, screens and shoe bags.

3. Don't throw away the soft cotton towel after wiping your face. You can wipe the sink, bathtub, toilet, mirror, dressing table, etc. by the way.

Disposable face towels have appeared to replace ordinary face towels, because ordinary face towels can be used repeatedly, and the quality and color will change after repeated several times. This is obvious to all. Not only that, long-term use towels, but also It breeds bacteria, and the disposable face towels can still be used immediately, which perfectly avoids these shortcomings of ordinary face towels.

Post time: Aug-02-2021