How to use disposable face towels

There are many ways to use disposable face towels, which can be used for face washing, skin care, makeup removal, etc. You can also use a disposable face towel to wet the compress, wipe the face after soaking with lotion to help the skin for secondary cleansing and exfoliation, you can use the face towel to pat the face to help absorption after applying lotion

1. Use disposable face towels to wet skin care
Disposable face towels have better toughness and are not easy to deform. They also have good water absorption effects and are of suitable size. They can be cut at will without flocculation. They are very good for wet compresses. And this facial tissue is more skin-friendly. It is gentler on the facial skin, and it is very good to replace the wet compress of cotton pad.

2. Use a disposable face towel to exfoliate
The face towel can also be used to exfoliate. You can pour the lotion on the disposable face towel, and then wipe the facial skin, which can help the skin to perform secondary cleansing and exfoliation. Pay attention to the action when wiping lightly to prevent Pull to the skin.

3. Use a disposable face towel to apply lotion
It is much better to use a face towel for skin care than a cotton pad. When applying lotion, you can use the face towel to dab the skin, so that it is easier for the skin to absorb than by hand, and it will also make the skin more shiny

4. Wash your face and remove makeup with one-time use
The cotton pads are prone to lump and fall off after being dipped in water. When we use such cotton pads, it will block the pores and cause secondary pollution to our skin. The dry towel has the characteristics of strong water absorption, no dandruff, and large size, which perfectly avoids the shortcomings of cotton pads. Moreover, a dry towel can cost at least 6-8 cotton pads, which is cheap and easy to use.

Post time: Aug-02-2021