Baby can use skin-friendly cotton soft towel

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100% pure cotton material, dry towel made of high-quality natural pure cotton, processed through strict manufacturing process, does not contain harmful chemical components such as fluorescent agents, flavors, etc., which is very suitable for you and your family to use. Including babies, which are clean, hygienic, soft and skin-friendly.

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Product name Baby cotton soft towel
Product specification Customization
Raw material 100% high quality cotton
Scope of application Universal
Texture  Plain weave, pearl pattern, grid pattern


Clean and hygienic---Towels can easily breed bacteria in the bathroom. Pure cotton dry towels can replace towels. After washing your face, wipe your face with soft cotton towels to make your face cleaner. It can also prevent allergies caused by bacteria. Soft cotton towels can also reduce skin damage caused by friction.

Wet and dry---the soft cotton towel can be used to dry hands, face, electronic products, etc. wetted with water when it is dry. After adding water, it becomes a wet wipe, which can help you quickly wipe off the dirty areas. For babies, moist cotton soft wipes can also reduce the skin irritation of cold water.

Wide range of applications---cotton soft towels can be used in many places, such as personal care, female makeup remover, house cleaning, baby care, outdoor use

A piece of cotton soft towel can hold at least 6 makeup remover towels, and it has a strong water-releasing power, which can effectively save your lotion. In addition, cotton soft towels will not lump up when exposed to water like cotton pads, and will also shed flock, block pores, and cause secondary pollution to our skin. Disposable face towel does not shed lint, does not lint, it is your best choice for daily skin care and cleansing

It can be used immediately, will not cause bacterial residues, and is clean and hygienic


1.Must choices for travel: towels large and occupy the place, long use is also easy to breed bacteria, mites, harm to the skin, easy to acne, cotton soft towel is small volume, light weight, that is, use is still, not easy to cause bacterial residue

2.Remove makeup, cleaning: the volume of makeup cotton is small and easy to tuo with water, cotton soft towel can be cut into the appropriate size, water absorption ability is strong, it is not easy to crumb

3.Cleaning of daily supplies: you can wipe the table, computer, mobile phone screen, toilet and kitchen cleaning

4.Baby care: the baby's delicate skin, cotton towel is soft and comfortable, more suitable for babies than paper towels and towels


Hjelt Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology, studied the effectiveness of four common hand drying systems in hand hygiene
Here are the results of this research
1. Cotton soft towels are more effective and sanitary than air dryers
2. Cotton soft tissue eliminates more bacteria from wet hands. We all know that bacteria tend to grow in dark and damp places, so even if you have washed most of the pathogens on your hands with soap, you need to wipe off the water, otherwise if you leave with wet hands, it is equivalent to providing pathogens again residence.
3. The action of rubbing hands with cotton soft towel can effectively get rid of bacteria
It can be seen that complete hand cleaning includes washing and wiping hands. Putting a box of soft cotton towels in the bathroom is a good choice. The boxed cotton soft towels are extracted one by one, which can ensure that the unused cotton soft towels are easy to take.


1. Cotton soft towels are not soluble in water. The used cotton soft towels should be placed in the trash can instead of throwing them directly into the toilet, which will cause blockage.

2. The cotton soft towel is made of cotton, which has the same characteristics as it and is flammable, so please stay away from the fire source

3. Pure cotton dry towels do not contain chemical ingredients such as fluorescent agents, but they are also not edible, please keep them away from children to avoid accidental ingestion

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